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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Visit

Today in the early morning we met with Ruthy Wilson to work on our BF'ing issues. She drove down from the Cocoa area so it was quite a haul for her! After playing with the baby and watching us she helped us get to nursing. Ethan nursed for almost 40 minutes in the football hold while we talked about general concerns and issues. It was pretty neat to FINALLY have him latched and nursing correctly. He was using a shield, but who cares, he was nursing without the bottle!

I am so glad we went ahead and had her come out to help us! It was worth it and maybe the insurance company will reimburse us since we have an Rx for her consultation. We will see.

Later in the day, my family arrived to visit and meet Ethan. Stef, Tommy, Dad, Mom, Tici, Grossmama, and Granddaddy all came and visited. It was fun visiting with everyone and having the great grandparents and great great grandpa hold Ethan. The man with the silver hair in the photo is Ethan's Great-Great Grandfather and the redhead holding Ethan and Tommy is my aunt Patricia. The redhed holding just Ethan is Ethan's Great Grandmother Grossmama. The picture to the left of Grossmama is my mother holding the boys!


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