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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Milestone Listing...

Here are Ethan's Major milestones to date...

0 days -- Ethan was born 9:36pm, 8lbs 3oz at birth, 7 lbs 7 oz at discharge
6 weeks -- Ethan is starting to smile
8 Weeks -- Consistantly smiling
10 - 12 Weeks -- Flipping from front to back and back to front
14 Weeks -- Laughing boy
4.5 months -- Rocking Baby
5 Months -- Crawling Baby, practicing getting things (spoons) into his mouth
5.25 Months -- First unassisted pull up to standing position. Standing while holding on to furniture by self. Will walk while holding onto fingers
5.5 Months -- Sitting up by self, 16 lbs 4oz
6 Months -- 16lbs 15 oz, 1st food = avacado, crusing furniture
6.5 Months -- will balance on own for 2 seconds (ok- this is not a real MS, but we were excited about it)
7.5 months - first bottom tooth pokes thru just barely


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