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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good and the bad

Good: So today was both fun and annoying. Ethan and I went to the yoga class and he was the best little baby ever! :) I did my yoga moves while he layed on the fish blanket (my grandmother made him) in front of me. The entire time he cooed and had huge wide smiles and babbled along with us all. He kicked his feet and tried reaching for them. It was really cute watching hiim giggle and have these huge wide mouth smiles. Even the teacher was giggling with him! I soooo wish I had a camera to record his antics, because they were adorable. By the end of class he was fast asleep!

Bad (kinda): I have been trying to get quotes on sprinkler systems for the past few days and this one man is just obnoxious. He came over, gave me a quote, than called every half hour wanting to know if he could start... Arg! I had a seperate guy come out today and he was much clamer and seemed to be more complete in has assessment of the property. He also pointed out complecations that he needed to go look into and said the permits would take a few weeks to get before they could start. So that just makes me want to know how the other guy would get it done so quickly! Oh well... the quotes are different by $1k, so not insignifigant. We basically told the pushy guy to back off till next week so we could make an informed decision.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Yucky day with a happy ending and cute daddy pic!

So today was a pretty yucky day for me. I was told early in the AM that I was to be admitted to the hospital so I could see a specialist to help me knock this dumb infection. They did not have any beds in the morning so they had me waitiing at home and told me they would call with instructions once they had a bed open up. Well, I packed for Ethan, sat arund the house carrying the stupid phone around everywhere I went. 2 o'clock... nothing, 3 o'clock nothing and oops I fell asleep. 5 o'clock I woke up and of course it was too late to call the Dr to find out what was going on, so I called the hospital. They had a room picked out, but it needed to be cleaned so no admission yet. Now since it was after 5, the specialist would not be able to see me till tomorrow morning (so I wonder why I should go in at all just to sleep at the germ infested place where I got sick to begin with?!?!?). The hospital called me to tell me the baby was not allowed when the Dr told me he would be so that pissed me off. I called the Dr and she said the entire hospital admission to see a specialist was just dumb and she was going to call them to see about stopping this mess. I got a call later that night from the Dr saying no hospital stay needed after she and the specialist consulted and reviewed my labs. If treatment was needed they felt that it could be done orally and not thru the stupid IV. So basically, I waisted my day sitting around wondering what was going on and getting really annoyed at them all. What a mess! The good news -- no hospital stay for me and Ethan was really good all day!

I also got some really neat pics of Erich wearing Ethan!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

7 Weeks Old Today, Visiting with Tommy and Stef

My sister came up this weekend to visit, take pictures, and have fun! We went to a music class this morning and played with the babies and had a good time. Then we had our pictures taken... Check them out!

Here are the rest of the photos:

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pizza Day

Today was an OK day. Ethan was great all day, hardly fussed, and we went for a short little walk in his Moby down the block. He looked all around and would not put his head down at all to rest. Too many interesting sites around I guess.

He has basically started playing with me at every diaper change now. He looks at me and smiles and coos. It is really neat seeing him start developing a personality. We also went to lunch with Linda at Wagon Wheel Pizza and than went to Walmart to look for those little things you hang from the diaper bag that holds small plastic bags for dirty diapers. He did not cry once at either place. He really is a great baby to travel around with. I figured it would be good to get one of those for days when I forget my wet bag for the cloth diapers.

I had a good day until I called work than I just got cranky and wanted to go into fix it mode which is not my place right now. The sad thing is it took me sitting down and making financial spreadsheets for Erich and I to look at to get me to relax. What a dork am I!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day... Mommy Zone group, a visit to work, a sewing class and finally my sister is coming into town. It is exhausting me just thinking about it. Hopefully E will behave when it comes to nursing since we will be out so long. Till tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Today started with play time after Ethan finished having breakfast. He really is cute! See?

We went to Yogamomba later that day and I got to do some exercise and Ethan got to look around and see other kids. It was a lot of fun because after class, we went out to eat with the other moms and I got to have some adult conversations!

Susan and Fred came over for dinner and visited for a while. It was fun seeing them and getting to visit. We should do that a bit more often!

Monday, March 5, 2007


First what we did today... let me see, Ethan and I got up around 7am to nurse and than play.  He really has taken to smiling and looking around.  He is getting good at tracking people and other things with his eyes and is holding up his head pretty good now.  He is not sleeping as much now as he did when he was a true newborn.  He will nurse, burp, than want to look around and smile and be active. 

Between feedings, I sat on the computer obsessing over fixing up this blog! ;)  I like it now and must remember to keep it up to date.  The only annoyance I had was the revelation that all the work I did last night to update my home website was lost!  Apparently the trial addition of the temp software I am using does not save.  HOW OBNOXIOUS!!!!  Other than that, Ethan was really a charm today.  We played, walked around the house in the Moby, ate, cried a little, slept a little, and basically had fun.  Good day!

On to the topic at hand -- This might be TMI for any men in the crowd so stop reading now if you do not want to know about nursing -- I have finally cleared up the horrid infection I had over the past 4 weeks.  It only took 4 antibiotic courses and lots of Tylenol to keep the fever at bay. Yuck!  Now the obstacle I am facing is not common to most moms I know.  I have a supply that could feed triplets and darn it is not comfortable -- In fact it just plain hurts.  I try not to express milk as this only causes more to be made, but seriously, I have so much it has filled my freezer and now I need to go buy a chest freezer just to keep from dumping it all!!! I hate the thought of dumping my milk... I mean, I work to get it and I should keep it to at least give away or something.  I think the solution is for Ethan to start drinking more to releive the discomfort... now how do I make him do that?  I don't, so wait I must to get this under control.  Eventually my body will regulate to his needs... I just wish it would do that sooner rather than later.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Photo Shoot: 6 Weeks Old -- AWESOME

Today has been quite a day! It started with breakfast with grandma, grandpa, and the Melbourne crew and immediately after that we went to Sears to have family photos taken for his 6 week old B-day.

Ethan was well behaved thru the entire photo setting which was amazing given we got there at 1pm and left at 4pm. We so loved the pictures we bought a TON of them including the copyright on all the photos so we could do with them as we please with out having to go through sears to have them printed or posted.

Here is a link to all the photos taken. LOOK THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!!!!

Breakfast with the clan

Before the photo shoot we went to breakfast with the clan down in Fllesmere. They do not know how to cook for a non pork or beef eater at all, but it was nice hanging out with the family and seeing Ethan with his great grandparents.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Feisty One...

I have posted lots of pictures of Ethan sleeping or calm, but he is not like that always. The past few days have been particularly trying as I think he is going thru a growth spurt and everything makes him unhappy and has me wondering briefly if he likes me. See how sad he looks? Oh well, it does not last long and for most of the time he is calm and happy so a day or two of fussiness is fine.